The Head Office of Excise (Abk) Department is located in its own Building at M.G. Marg, Gangtok. The field activities for the East and the North District are being looked after by JT Commissioner / Deputy Commissioner. The field activities of South and west District are being looked after by one Deputy Commissioner whose office is located at Jorethang.     

  Mayell & Fraser
   Mayell and Fraser Private Limited, Bagheykhola
Amongst the major distilleries in Sikkim, M/s Mayell & Fraser. Mayell & Fraser is the only unit which imports scotch from Scotland for blending in its products. Its first product, Castle Pride, a deluxe grain whisky, was born out of a tie-up with world famous scotch producers Angus Dundee Plc of Glasgow in Scotland.
Established in 2006, Mayell and Fraser, has in the last 5 years generated substantial revenue to Sikkim Government to the tune of Rupees 35,070,058 crores.

With its ever promising installed capacity at 300000 cases, the distillery is all set to achieve its target sale of 161720 cases during the financial year 2011-12.
Mayell & Fraser Pvt Ltd in its visionary endeavour strives to be the market leader in alcoholic beverages and spirits with continuous positive growth in all segments of alcohol in South Asia.

In its mission commitment to serve the consumer-service-profit philosophy, Mayell and Fraser is at the forefront to produce outstanding financial returns by providing totally reliable, competitively superior, international quality alcoholic beverages and spirits to the Indian and International markets. Through effective management systems, the distillery guarantees professionalism, efficiency and courtesy that will ensure the best of service alongside strives to have a completely satisfied customer at the end of each transaction.

Mayell and Fraser aims to create and control an environment for the company to increase sales and staff performance while reducing overheads and improving quality in order to increase its return on equity and earning's growth to achieve maximum dividend payout to the stakeholder.

Creation of wealth for the state, promoters, workers, distributors, retailers and institutions is the core philosophy of the company. Honest and hard earned profit is the engine of growth not just to the promoters but to the community and country at large.
  Excise Duty & Ed. Cess collected last 5 years i.e. From 06-07 to 010-11
Year  Excise Duty Ed. Cess Total
2006-07 1,140,770.00   1,140,770.00
2007-08 6,043,500.00 331,500.00 6,375,000.00
2008-09 5,696,437.00 285,155.00 5,981,592.00
2009-10 9,474,533.00 494,837.00 9,969,370.00
2010-11 11,024,696.00 578,630.00 11,603,326.00
Total 33,379,936.00 1,690,122.00 35,070,058.00
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